Best Valentines Day Memes 2022

Another year has passed, the food has been eaten, new years resolutions started (and maybe finished in some cases!), so now we look forward to the next major life event - Valentines Day!

Did you know Valentines Day started back in the Roman times? Yadda, yadda, I know... you didn't come to read useless trivia, you came to see Memes!

So without further ado, here are the best valentines day memes 2022 - that we could find!


Men - need some help on what (NOT) to buy?



And women, are you SURE you know what men would like?



Of course not everyone has a partner to buy a valentines present for, but not to worry hey?





Although don't expect much sympathy from others...




Or think you will have much fun if you do decide to go out by yourself:

(obligatory Spongebob valentines day meme - because no meme post could truly be complete without Spongebob)


And best not to go on about how happy you are to be single on Valentines Day.


But whatever you do, spare a thought for those who will be working on Valentines Day, or even worse on the 15th February


And don't forget, February is more than just Valentines!




So that's it for our memes - have you found any good ones you think we should include on this page? Drop us a comment below.

And in case you do have a partner, and want to get him or her a gift this valentines Day, head over to our Valentines section for a wide range of presents to choose from.

Or if you need more valentines humour, read our funniest valentines day quotes post.


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