Pontiusaurus - The Jackass Forever Dino Star

UPDATE: Want to buy a Pontiusaurus toy? The Jackass Forever dino toy will soon be released! (according to the following facebook post by Chris Pontius).

Currently it is possible to find them on Ebay and places, as some were sent out as promotional toys, although they will be at inflated prices, so we suggest waiting a bit longer.

Never heard of that jack ass dinosaur 'Pontiusaurus'? Well now you have. Created by the well loved Chris Pontius of Jackass fame, and used in the beginning of the fourth (and final?) Jackass film - Jackass Forever - Pontisaurus has quickly become a fans firm favourite.

An inflatable version was one of the show-stopping moments at the premier of Jackass Forever Leceister Square, London during February 2022, getting photos taken by both many members of the public as well as stars of the film including the main man Johnny Knoxville.

Surely we see a new range of soft toy versions coming soon (and mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, in fact a whole range of Pontissaurus merch!), although we are sure you will agree, that like the film itself, these may not be suitable for kids.


Facebook post by Chris Pontius, ones of the stars of the Jackass film, including photo of the inflatable Pontiusaurus in Leceister Square, London.

About Chris Pontius, aka 'Party Boy', aka 'Bunny the lifeguard':
Born in Pasadena, CA, Pontius is most famous for his stunts in Jackass which often involve him being naked, running around, and often something to do with his Penis. He is married to Mae Pontius who goes under the handle @ladyboner69 on Instagram, and with who he shares a son, Axe.

And of course it had to happen, somebody decided to get a Pontiusaurus tattoo (surely never to be regretted later in life):



Pontiasaurus is the Jackass Forever opening scene dinosaur, which is actually Chris Pontius' penis decorated in green.

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