Unbiological Sisters - Everything you need to know!

Having a best friend is one of the greatest gifts life can give. They know everything about you and love you anyway. They're always there for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. In some ways, they're like your family - only better. They choose to be in your life, and that means the world to you.

But what happens when your best friend isn't blood? When she's the person you've chosen as your family? That's what this blog post is all about - unbiological sisters.

We'll explore everything from how to find your perfect match to how to keep the friendship strong over the years. So whether you're looking for a bestie or trying to figure

Unbiological Sister Meaning

What does an 'unbiological sister' mean? Whilst the Merriam Webster dictionary doesn't have any definition, the well accepted casual meaning of unbiological sister is the very closest female to female relationship - best friends but also so much more.

The one person that you can rely on at all times, tell your deepest secrets to, and know will always support you through thick and thin.

You have the same exact personality, a complete repetoire of inside jokes. You think the same, do the same, and love the same things.

Everyone knows that you are best friends, and that you are inseperable.

So, who is your unbiological sister, and how do you compare to the following...

Famous Unbiological Sisters

Whilst the use of the term may only be fairly recent, there have been many examples of unbiological sisters through the years, whether in real life or in the movies.

Thelma and Louise on the big screen gave inspiration for best friends all over the world.

Thelma and Louise - Unbiological Sisters

On smaller screens and more recent, many women gained inspiration as well as amusement from the relationship between Meredith and Cristina in the hit show Grey's Anatomy - and used the now famous 'you are my person' quote.

Meredith Cristina - Unbiological Sisters

From the Bible Story in the Book of Ruth, Naomi and Ruth were 2 women who stuck together and formed the ultimate bond.

Keeping Your Friendship Intact

People move, get married, find new interests and hobbies. Does that mean you will lose your inbiological sister? No, they are like blood to you and that relationship can never be replaced by anyone of any sex.

But you should expect to put some effort in, make a phonecall, start a conversation. Even if time has drifted, you will soon find that special connection that made you so close to begin with.

Unbiological Sister Symbol

Whilst there is no universal symbol, often unbiological sisters will hold identical items to carry their souls with them at all times.

Going further, people will also sometimes ink themselves with identical unbiological sister tattoos.

Not sure about a tattoo, but want to get a gift for your best friend? Check out our unbiological sister gift collection - we are sure you will find something you will both love!

Unbiological Sister Synonyms

Unbiological Sister (or should it even be Non Biological Sister) - not really a phrase you want to use? There are plenty of alternatives: soul sister, bff, best buddy, sister from another mister, simply take your pick.

Want to continue your journey into the realm of unbiological sisters? Why not check out our quotes page where you can find a selection of our best messages that you can use to send to your best friend.

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